A doctor and an environmentalist will offer a Healing in Nature workshop


The Waterford Congregational Church Climate Conversations series is scheduled to feature a Healing in Nature session, scheduled from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 20.

The session, led by Dr Wendy Weiger, will take place at Wilkins House at 19 Plummer Hill Road, followed by a walk in the local woods to apply what has been learned.

Weiger received her MD and PhD in Neurobiology from Harvard Medical School, where she continued her career in medical research, exploring the ways in which chemical and electrical activities in the brain shape people’s thoughts and emotions.

In the midst of this career, she had several profound personal experiences that led her to reorient her life towards her strong spiritual foundation, relocate to the woods of northern Maine, become a licensed Maine guide and follow a path that combined his scientific training. with its expanding spirituality.

She said she was now involved in “sharing my journey, hoping to guide others to the comfort nature offers us all – and hoping that others will be inspired to work on healing wounds. that we collectively inflict on our planet, ”according to a church press release.

Her session aims to help people understand how nature heals them on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual. In this time of anxiety over threats like COVID and the climate crisis, people can use new and personal techniques to heal themselves and our planet.

Weiger will share her experiences in the woods of Maine through her photos and stories, demonstrating the techniques she has learned from a wide variety of spiritual sources around the world.

The climate series, titled “Climate Conversations: What Can We Do?” Started in 2019 and explored topics such as how people interact with nature and how technologies, policies and politics can have a positive impact on tackling the climate crisis.

The group also explored what we can do to mitigate the damage caused by climate change. For example, the group is building a pollinator demonstration garden at the Waterford Library to encourage members of the wider community to take action on their own properties.

For more information, contact Sally V. Holm, Communications Coordinator, Waterford Congregational Church, at 617-803-1450.


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