Amanda Stanton Criticizes The Bachelor Season 26 Forced Therapy Dates


Former contestant Amanda Stanton slams The Bachelor final episode’s therapy date “there’s a reason therapy is a private thing.”

Former contestant Amanda Stanton criticizes The single person the season 26 forced therapy dates, and some fans think she might be right. Amanda first appeared on TV screens during the Ben Higgins season The single person but was eliminated in week eight. Amanda then continued Bachelor in Paradise season 3 and made a strong impression on Bachelor Nation for her relationship with Josh Murray. Although not a fan favorite, Amanda and Josh ended up winning the season and leaving Mexico, but they didn’t last long. In her tell-all memoir, Amanda cites Josh’s supposedly “controlling” behavior as the reason for their breakup. As Amanda returned to BEEP the following season, nothing came of it. She’s avoided appearing in the franchise since and recently got engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Michael Fogel.


The single person didn’t really have therapy dates until more recent seasons, filmed during COVID-19, likely as a way to get date applicants out without leaving the safety of the station they were all in quarantine. But now that The Bachelor is back filming all over the world, there sure are more interesting things to do on a group date, right? It doesn’t look like it. February 21 bachelor season 26 The episode saw a group date turned into a couples therapy session, in which each contestant would have their time with Clayton in front of a licensed therapist. Although it seemed fine at first, the women quickly realized that if they didn’t open up about their private struggles on behalf of their “vulnerability,” they would be judged and potentially sent home. This turned out to be true for Genevieve Parisi, who, after some awkward forced questions from the therapist, refused to talk about her past traumas and was immediately sent home. Clayton explained her decision, saying her inability to share private details about her life on national television seemed like she didn’t trust him.

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That didn’t seem to sit well with Amanda Stanton, who took to her Instagram Stories to criticize the show’s choices. The story, which was captured by We Weeklystarts with Amanda saying, “We watched The single person this season and I have to say something about the multiple therapy dates this season is rubbing me the wrong way.” Katie Thurston and Michelle Young’s seasons featured therapy dates, but rather than a therapist forcing the contestants to open up, the men were given the option to share whatever they wanted or stay quiet. Both sessions were actually a hit with Bachelor Nation, and Katie was even praised for opening up with the men on her season. However, something about the Clayton women who were singled out and interviewed by a therapist despite not consenting to a session seems to cross a line for the former Bach Nation star.

Amanda continued: “I get where they were trying to go with this…but forcing the girls to “open up” on national TV and then literally judging their sessions or sending them home and making them feel bad if they didn’t open enough, that’s just not it.“Before the start date, Genevieve had even told the other women that she had actively avoided therapy so as not to focus on past traumas. This way of having women sit down and criticize them if they did not share their moments. the most intimate details with the public seem to run counter to what therapy is or should be. It’s a sentiment that Amanda echoed when she concluded, “There’s a reason therapy is a private thing and I don’t think that’s a good representation of therapy or helping end the stigma around mental health. I just had to say it.

Therapy session dates made more sense when seasons were filmed in a bubble due to the ongoing pandemic. However, this last season of The single person no longer turns in a bubble and even takes place internationally. The date just before the therapy session was to explore the new town Clayton and the woman are in and then buy this candidate clothes worth several thousand dollars, surely more fun than getting sit down with a psychotherapist you didn’t ask for. Considering the show has the ability to explore the city and have more fun dates, a therapy session no longer makes sense, especially not a forced one.

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Source: We Weekly, Amanda Stanton/Instagram

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