Amber Heard wrote her therapy notes? Internet users spot “suspicious” clues

Amber Heard wrote her therapy notes? Internet users spot “suspicious” clues

Netizens have pointed out the details that prove Amber Heard wrote her therapy notes.

During her first revealing interview since the bomb trial, the Aquaman The actor said: “There is a binder of notes from 2011, from the very beginning of my relationship, which was taken by my doctor to whom I was reporting the abuse.”

The notes were not entered into evidence at trial due to the lingering possibility that they would be discredited as “hearsay”.

“I was a therapist for a decade. I have worked in child protection and DV and hospitals. Therapists never write like that. We use shorthand notes, under headings, with lots of abbreviations and acronyms,” noted one fan, who claimed to be a therapist.

“It’s so obvious that a layman would imagine what a therapist’s notes look like.”

“Suspicious similarities between Amber Heard’s handwriting and her ‘therapist’ notes…pay particular attention to how the ‘e’, ​​’f’ and ‘th’ are written,” reads another tweet.

A third user said, “I can’t see the therapist’s notes clearly, but comparing those notes to Johnny’s therapist and the marriage counselor and their struggles with their abbreviated notes, I’d say they’re written by her. It’s impossible for a therapist to be able to write like that when someone is talking.”


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