Cal Poly’s Month of Action Against Dating Violence Opening Speech Explores Healing From Trauma


Cal Poly’s Month of Action Against Dating Violence ended Thursday with an opening speech highlighting a concept of healing-centered engagement championed by Shawn Ginwright, State University researcher of San Francisco.

The presentation, moderated by Safer, provided insight into trauma management and progression at a time when students grapple with recent reports of sexual assault on campus this term.

Safer hosted other activities throughout October, including a dating and social media workshop, a participation booth and a candlelight vigil for their last event of the month. They also hosted a relationship dive meeting at the Anderson Aquatic Center.

Ginwright’s speech was the penultimate event, exploring a new way to care for survivors. In his presentation, he suggests that the old traditional approach to trauma-informed care may not be the most effective way to help people.

“Healing Centered Engagement is an approach that focuses on treatment and restoring wellness,” Ginwright said at the Zoom meeting on Thursday. “Trauma-informed care started with asking me what happened to you, while the healing-centered approach asks what is right for you. “

Ginwright goes on to discuss the importance of healing as a collective community, while also asking how people expect to heal others when they do not have a healing process in our own daily lives. .

During the question-and-answer part, he answered a question about his beginnings in the field.

“My involvement in activism wasn’t really a choice, it was a calling,” Ginwright said. “It’s not like you say, ‘Hey, I’m going to be an activist.’ It’s more like, “I’m put here for a reason: to improve the quality of life for myself, my family and my community. “

Although the meeting was not recorded, students interested in learning more about the topic can visit Ginwright’s website to find more information as well as links to four separate books he has written throughout. his career, in addition to a fifth which will be available early next year.


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