Community Constellation Workshop — Healing with the Ancestors – Le Sopris Soleil


The Systemic Family Constellation is a unique approach that begins with you and any problem. Problems that are difficult to overcome are often rooted in trauma passed down from our parents, our grandparents, our ancestral line. Ancestral suffering can emerge and manifest in your life as pain, illness, addiction, personal and relationship difficulties. Problems that have not been easily resolved are often the aftermath of inherited trauma.

In this three-dimensional group process, we connect with our ancestors through sacred fields, opening up space for awareness in three dimensions of awareness: personal, inherited, and spiritual. We see what has been hidden and resolutions arise, displacing generations of suffering. The Constellation experience is deeply powerful, transformative and lastingly beneficial. The work deepens and strengthens over time for the client, the representatives and for the observers.

“I am convinced that Constellation Work, with its systemic worldview and the gift of the opportunity to present oneself as a representative in a constellation, is one of the most relevant and important tools to support us as we are navigating our evolution towards our future.” – Hunter Beaumont

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