Couples therapy can treat delayed ejaculation – a guide to the problem


Delayed ejaculation can cause emotional turmoil

Delayed ejaculation has many causes

Delayed ejaculation has many causes

Learn what DE is and how to treat it

Sexual issues are something that therapists often don’t even ask their clients about and clients are often too embarrassed to bring up.

— Yvonne Judge

COLUMBUS, OH, USA, February 17, 2022 / — Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis published an article about delayed ejaculation (DE). The purpose of this article is to be a guide for men with the problem and their loved ones. The article helps sufferers understand ED and its symptoms. The article also gives several statistics on the disorder, which is very rare. Currently, only 1% of the American population suffers from delayed ejaculation.

This guide then discusses some of the causes of delayed ejaculation, including the physical, emotional, and relationship causes of ED. It also addresses family and cultural issues that can contribute to problems with slow or no ejaculation. Finally, the article deals with the treatment of delayed ejaculation. It provides information on medical treatments as well as psychotherapy and counseling interventions such as sex therapy and couples counselling.

Author, Yvonne Judge, owner of Columbus Therapy and Hypnosis, says, “Sexual issues are often something that therapists don’t even ask their clients about and clients are often too embarrassed to bring up.” She says she finds asking directly for couples therapy and counseling often reveals issues in clients’ sex lives where they have simply suffered in silence.

Ms Judge says sexual problems such as delayed ejaculation can be resolved in therapy. In her practice, she uses a combination of sex therapy and couples therapy methods. For couples therapy, she uses Emotion-focused therapy Where Couple therapy according to the Gottman method. She then integrates sex therapy exercises into couple therapy. “Sex therapy is best done with both partners present,” she says. She also thinks that sexual issues like delayed ejaculation are very treatable and nothing to be ashamed of.

The guide is intended as an educational tool for people suffering from delayed ejaculation and their loved ones to help them understand the problem. It is not intended to be a diagnosis or a diagnostic tool.

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