Fortnite’s infamous Qrei healing strategy is now dead in the water


Healing Storm damage in competitive Fortnite has become more difficult after a recent patch.

Fortnite’s competitive scene has evolved dramatically over the years. We have seen many different styles of play develop, most of which can perform at a high level. Some players use a more passive and heavier placement approach. Others prefer to use the w key to try to eliminate everyone in the lobby. Although these are two main styles of play, a Polish player named Qrei introduced a revolutionary method that started to turn heads a few seasons ago.

The original healing trio of Qrei, Armor Zelek, and Treciux made headlines in Chapter 2 – Season 6 when they reached the finals of an FNCS Qualifer without earning any kills. You may be wondering how this is possible. Well, Qrei developed a strategy where he and his teammates would store healing items, sit in the storm, and heal until victory.

Epic Games have tried to thwart the healing strategy in the past, but today could be the final blow.

Arena Mode Campfire Fix

Fortnite today unveiled a fix that makes it impossible for competitive players to relight campfires. Before, you could rekindle campfires, but few would use this option because it required 300 wood. However, Qrei uses campfires to his advantage in his latest Orchard healing strategy. He stored healing items and wood around a central campfire, allowing him to heal damage from the storm. This is no longer the case after today’s patch.

The cost of materials to rekindle a fire is now 600 wood. Unfortunately for Qrei fans, the competitive Fortnite settings only allow players to collect 500 wood. It seems that the number of teams using Qrei’s strategy has put a strain on them. Now the healing guru has a daunting task to accomplish just a week later sign with its very first esports organization.

People pointed out quickly and accurately that Qrei could stock up on Firefly Jars to rekindle the campfires; there are two problems with this remedy. First of all, there aren’t enough appearances of Firefly in the Orchard area to make it a viable alternative. Second, the clip above from professional Fortnite player Hottie pointed out that Firefly Jars do not rekindle fires in Arena mode. This means that Qrei’s Orchard strategy is now totally ineffective.

Qrei reacts to the change of campfire

The Polish healing sensation didn’t like Epic’s fix. He wondered why the campfire stayed in the game and called the nerf “panic and unprofessional.” The healing strategy has consistently drawn criticism from the competitive scene as a whole. Many believe this ruins the fundamental purpose of Battle Royale, which is not wrong.

Still, Qrei’s branding and content creation is all about bypassing Fortnite and finding unconventional ways to win. He certainly has a right to be upset, and he will have to find another way to win using the infamous method of healing.

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