Free Meditation, Workshops and Healing with Non Profit Aware Meditation Inc. Comedy, Down Under Tour November 2022


Mindful Meditation Inc. will present its first global mental health awareness programs in Sydney and Somersby, NSW, November 9-20, in collaboration with All Ability Yoga. The Los Angeles-based nonprofit offers fully funded programs for those eligible for all state assistance and a small donation for those outside of the parameters. These include Vedic meditation, workshops and a comedy show where clean comedy can bring wisdom and laughter. The programs will take place in Auckland, New Zealand from November 21 to December 4.

Aware Meditation Inc. is a new minority-based (women, BIPoC, LGBT+, mentally or physically disabled) non-profit collective developed to help those who would not normally have access to non-prescription medication options. The founderoriginally from the UK, paid her dues as a first-generation student at Carnegie Mellon University, but suffered a repetitive stress injury in an office that forced her to turn 180.

“Everything fell apart, my health, my dreams, my relationship status and my ability to make money. I just shot the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I couldn’t even get dressed. I sank in a deep depression, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and my body developed a tolerance to the prescribed painkillers.

However, it was his examination of the causes of his mental pain that led to his change in physical health.

“My constant feeling of unhappiness and hopelessness was centered in my mind and not in my body.”

It was during this time that she discovered meditation to deal with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. She became a teacher of these practices to help others who were in similar financial situations to herself. “These services should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford them. Stress intensifies all conditions. Release the stress and we have a greater ability to adapt and heal.

Paula is a meditation teacher for the stars, a motivational speaker and a clean comic with a message.

Yoga of all abilities, NDIS provider #4050062557 was the perfect partner to run a course Nov 17-20. Located in a semi-rural area where many options are not available compared to those living in big cities.

Other facilities hold events, but to maintain attendee privacy, they are not published. “Many underrepresented groups are victims of abuse and anonymity must be respected. Emotional safety is our number one priority.”

Those wishing to participate or communities wishing to have courses/events offered can contact directly [email protected]

FREE event registration can be found here:

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