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Eileen Leahy meets Emma Sims, Tera Mai™ Qualified Reiki Master, Seichem Practitioner and Crystal Therapist, who reveals all about her hands-on healing work she does from her home in Langton Green and how it can help people find peace and balance in their lives

Upon entering the peaceful Soul Star Sanctuary treatment area located in the Langton Green home of Emma Sims, a trained Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Master Tera Mai™, I can instantly feel my shoulders drop and a sense of serenity wash over me.

Its inviting healing space is a far cry from the traditional rooms in which therapists operate. Far from being dark and clinical, it sports attractive decorative tones of teal and purple and plenty of aesthetic touches — think shimmering scented candles and polished crystals. And the fact that the space has a pleasant view of Emma’s beautiful garden, which is currently teeming with puffy wild foxgloves is another big plus.

As we sit down to chat over a cup of herbal tea, the mother-of-three explains that her work specializes in blending the very powerful and ancient Japanese healing art known as Reiki with Tera Mai Seichem , a transformative healing system practiced in Egyptian temples. .

The first is the most common type of “manual healing” which helps stimulate the body’s ability to regenerate. This is done by inducing deep relaxation techniques and rebalancing the flow of energy in the body. Reiki Master Emma says it’s a rarer practice and its main purpose is to address deep emotional trauma and support spiritual development.

Emma explains that in addition to her energy healing work, she also specializes in crystal therapy, which she says gives her a unique holistic advantage. “I combine all of these elements to really get to the root of the problem in the body so that I can help my clients go on a deep healing journey.”

And then she reveals something quite fascinating: that she has the ability to ‘see inside a person’s body and that this has been verified many times by Osteopaths and Doctors.

“I combine different healing techniques to really get to the root of the problem in the body so clients can go on a deep healing journey”

“I use this ability as a guide to understanding where energy is held in the body,” Emma continues. “It usually manifests in the physical body as pain, emotional discomfort, or problems sleeping, for example.”

Completely intrigued by all of this, I ask her when she first knew she had this particular gift.

“Before my training as a Reiki practitioner, I worked in the advertising industry. I ran a photography production company in Dubai and London and worked with many top brands and photographers, including Rankin .

“I have always been spiritually connected and from a very young age I could feel a presence in the room or read people clearly. one night, on my way home from a photoshoot, i suddenly noticed that i could see inside people’s bodies, their energy and flashes of what was going on in their lives.

Emma says she intuitively knew this was her true calling in life, but at the time she didn’t know how to channel it into something tangible.

“Mentally and spiritually, I knew I had to do something to help me through this difficult time, but I couldn’t find any other resource than counselling. I discovered Reiki through a friend and used it to help me reduce feelings of anxiety. I finally started to become more in tune with my body and it helped me feel calmer and more able to cope. I then began to learn Reiki and during the seven years of training I practiced on friends and gradually began to set up Soul Star Sanctuary.

Emma admits her anxiety was triggered again later in life by an issue with one of her three daughters who was being bullied at her local primary school.

“When you have a child who is going through a very difficult time, everything around you closes in,” says Emma.

“That’s when I noticed how anxious my daughter had become, she couldn’t sleep and her personality had been affected. I realized then that there wasn’t much support for the children other than counseling or play therapy – certainly nothing that would balance their energy system.

“Juggling life, work and love is basically how I found my gift. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’ and c happened to me.

Emma says that when she discovered the powerful effects of Reiki, she was finally able to control the destructive waves of anxiety. “I found a space where I could bring myself back to feeling whole.”

“The more I learned about energy, the more I realized there was something bigger going on. I felt like no one but me was going to protect my daughter or listen to what she needed .

“And that’s why with Soul Star Sanctuary, I wanted to create a safe space for women and children. A place where they could come and be heard, seen and held.

With younger clients, Emma creates art and works with crystals to help with anxiety, eating disorders and mental health issues.

“It’s about getting kids through tough life stages, teaching people how to use self-healing as a skill for their own lives, and developing tools to use when we can’t. always communicate our emotions.”

Emma says business is now booming. She has her own virtual store where she sells a selection of mood-enhancing essential oil sprays she has created and, due to the pandemic, is also able to treat people online as well as in person.

Emma also often organizes corporate wellness sessions with companies in London – and she also regularly organizes wellness workshops in her beautiful garden in Langton Green.

“My mission is to make energy healing accessible to everyone through the practice of Reiki, crystal therapy and intuitive work.

“I’ve had the chance to learn from some of the best teachers in their field and to share my knowledge and discoveries over the years,” she says.

“We need a spiritual connection now more than ever. It’s time to be connected, to tune into our intuition, and to love ourselves on a deeper level. The ancient art of manual healing will help you help you do that. Energy is transformative, powerful and connects us to our true potential. When you come to a difficult time in your life, I can help you find your way, keep your energy moving and find your truth – just as I found mine.

The Soul Star Sanctuary Experience

First, Emma explained how it works: intuitively using crystals and the Tera Mai™ Reiki and Seichem healing powers that bring together the four elements fire, earth, air and water. Just as a plant needs sun and water to thrive, we also need the aforementioned elements within us to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. The idea of ​​Emma’s specific hands on healing technique is to move pent up energy channels discovered in the body and redirect them so that a patient feels less stressed, anxious or depressed.

Once Emma explained all of this, we then had a nice, honest conversation about me and my life and I shared a few issues that I thought Emma might need to focus on.

We started the treatment with some breathing exercises and selected essential oils that Emma will work with. I chose lavender, geranium and clary sage as I was naturally drawn to the scent of each. Emma mixed them with a coconut carrier oil, then asked me to “set an intention” for the session and focus on an issue that I might need guidance on.

Emma then presented a selection of Oracle cards – a sort of self-reflective Tarot reading – and asked me to select one which we then looked at more deeply and intuitively. He said, “The healing is happening: you are not broken, trust the process. It is sure to soften. In a weird way, I felt like my mind had just been read!

Emma then “grounded” me by asking me to stay still, feel grounded, and visualize myself as a tree. She asked me to lie down on the bed and the treatment started. She placed a sheet over me and gave me the option of wearing an eye mask. I’m glad I did as it helped me immerse myself in the experience.

Emma asked me to imagine I was on a beach to help me relax and at first I felt my chest getting very heavy and I had a hard time getting into the zone. But after a few minutes I could feel myself drifting, exhaling deeply as instructed to get rid of any negative energy and soon I found a breathing pattern that helped me relax.

“As soon as I connected with you, I could feel your soul rising from your physical body,” Emma revealed afterwards. “It was almost an out of body experience, which to me is a sign that deeper work is needed. I was guided to your heart and head and connected with the angelic realms and guides to help eliminate any emotion that needed to be moved through your body.

“I placed a rose quartz crystal over your heart chakra to shift the energy of this area. Rose quartz is the crystal of love and compassion, it comforts and heals emotional trauma and helps to reprogram the heart in self-acceptance I felt here that the heart needed the energy to be amplified and then raised to a different vibration.

She went on to say that many other techniques and prayers were used to allow energy to flow through my body to create a sense of calm.

“The emotion was felt on a very deep level by yourself and I think we not only brought that to light, but moved it through your physical body.”

I can honestly say that once I sat down and drank some water I had tears in my eyes like something was fueled deep inside of me. But they were tears of relief, not sadness. I found the whole experience incredibly impactful and if it’s not too trivial to say, I think I could really feel the anxiety coming out of me.

Before leaving, Emma once again “anchored” me like a tree to feel closer to the earth and advised me to drink plenty of water. She handed me a bouquet of wild fox, mint and sage gloves from her garden and an affirmation card that read “I have the power to create change.” She asked me to stick it on my fridge and tell me every day. I do and I truly feel lighter in my body and mind each time I read this quote, knowing that it is indeed possible to create change if you are willing to stop, breathe and connect deeply with yourself.

Emma recommends a series of three of these treatments, saying, “The first opens the door, the second digs deep, and the third enhances and really flies,” she says.


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