Healing with love – Lisa Manyon’s recently published book is an essential spiritual guide


Ashland, Oregon, USA – November 23, 2022 – Renowned marketing consultant and #1 international bestselling author Lisa Manyon has released her latest book, Spiritual sugar: the divine ingredients for loving care with the foreword written by Dr. Joe Vitale and the afterword by Neale Donald Walsch. Her new book helps readers get on the path to spiritual awakening while learning to lovingly heal past trauma. By sharing her personal story, the author inspires readers to make positive change in their lives while providing effective tools for spiritual healing.

Spiritual Sugar is a highly adaptable and comprehensive book that makes it easy for users to implement its unique teachings in their unique life situations. The author makes spiritual growth and healing a possibility for people from all walks of life, which is why she offers an array of her proven tools and techniques, all in one book. Spiritual Sugar invites readers to use the inner sweetness of their souls to begin a transformative journey and create a happier, more fulfilling future for themselves. Along with her seven spiritual sugar principles to help readers develop their connection with the divine, the author also shares her personal journey of spiritual awakening. While she had been on her spiritual journey for some time, Lisa’s cancer diagnosis was her awakening to healing and true spiritual exploration. She now wants to help her readers become proactive in their recovery today before an illness forces them to do so.

Lisa Manyon is a coveted writer, business leader, and marketing expert often referred to as “the architect of business marketing.” As President of Write On Creative® and Write On Creative Publishing, she recognizes writing talent in others and puts talented writers first. His business marketing strategies have been used in various markets and are known to create million dollar results. As a marketing expert, she is widely known for creating a value and passion driven marketing communications framework known as Challenge. The solution. Invitation™.

Lisa believes in divine connection and the power of love to heal people from within. She leads holistic workshops and retreats to help people establish a strong spiritual connection with the divine, channel love into all aspects of their lives, and begin their journey to true healing, fulfillment, and happiness. . His latest book is an essential guide for all people to improve their spiritual health. Lisa Manyon is available for interviews.

Spiritual sugar: the divine ingredients for loving care is now available on Amazon.com.

Preview of the book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMQHGN5F

About Lisa Manyon: http://www.spiritualsugar.com

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