How This Sex Therapy Method Can Improve Intimacy and Reduce Anxiety


Clement Manyathela spoke to Nu Davidson, a sex educator and relationship coach, about the importance of sensory therapy.

According to a sex educator, Sensate Focus therapy might be just what you need to speed up your sex life.

Sensate Focus Therapy is a sex therapy technique that uses touch exercises, focusing on exploring different sensations while teaching you to reduce negative thoughts, feelings, or anxiety around sexual intimacy.

Speaking to Clement Manyathela, sex educator and relationship coach Nu Davidson said people who want to find out how to connect sexually with their partners can also take part in this therapy.

It would be done by an individual, and an individual by himself and as well as integrating him into a relationship. It is estimated that nine to fifteen sessions with a professional are necessary to obtain good results.

Nu Davidson, sex educator and relationship coach

This is for any individual or couple that has had sexual connection issues, and what it does is there is a receiver and a giver – the receiver is the one who receives the touch of temperature and texture and see what happens to them in this process.

Nu Davidson, sex educator and relationship coach

Nobody wants to eat the same meal every day for the rest of their life, it will be boring – change your menu, change the position, change the location, change the time, change the type of sex you have and expand really your repertoire on what you can put on your menu on what intimacy looks like.

Nu Davidson, sex educator and relationship coach

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