I “constantly want to be the best version of myself”


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Danielle Rühl spoke about his mental health journey in the middle of her divorce of a separated husband Nick Thompson.

“Actually, I’m done go to four-week trauma therapy because there were times when I overreacted to certain situations based on past traumas and I didn’t like it about myself,” the Love is blind alum, 29, said during a Wednesday, October 26, appearance on the “Two Me After Dark” podcast, noting that she went there before her breakup. “I was like, ‘You know what? I don’t want to feel like this anymore’ and it wasn’t just with [Nick], it was with other people too. Actually, I didn’t reveal it, but I took four weeks off to go to [an] ambulatory [program] because I constantly want to be the best version of myself.

Although Ruhl did not reveal why she decided to seek treatment, she is not “embarrassed” by her experience because it helped her learn to feel “awesome” about herself.

The associate marketing director and Thompson, 37, tied the knot in the season 2 finale of Love is blind. Months after the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary, We Weekly confirmed in August that Ruhl had filed for divorce.

“It really came down to differences in personality compatibility,” the Netflix personality said. says of their “mutual” separation during an Instagram Story video earlier this month. “I think that’s what makes it even more difficult because you live in that, at least for me, I kind of live in this state of denial where it’s like, ‘But we love each other. ‘ You can still love yourself and do your best to move on. It’s hard, it’s very hard.”

The host of the “Conversations with Nick Thompson” podcast, for his part, was just as emotional following their breakup.

“For my own sanity and healing, I had to create a boundary with her that I no longer engage with,” Thompson said exclusively We Weekly October 17, noting that the former couple is not in communication. “I choose to leave the past behind and focus on whatever is happening. I don’t want to live in the past. I don’t want to be in a position where I have to defend myself.”

He added: “We just weren’t compatible. I know in my heart that I did my best in this relationship, and I gave it everything I had. … I think it’s unfortunate that you have to put it down or get stuck in this place.

Ruhl also focused on the future, noting Wednesday that she was in a “great place” and “slowly” realized how different they were.

“I think we both got caught up in this fairy tale and i got married before we should have and there was no a-ha moment in the beginning because the changes were very subtle and i kept telling myself that we were stressed and everything was going to go back to who he was or the relationship that I thought it was,” the Netflix personality admitted to TwoMe. “I just realized he wasn’t necessarily someone I needed as a partner or someone in my life and we really weren’t compatible and a lot of that was in a pretty basic way and I felt myself slowly changing to fit into an idea of ​​who someone else wanted me to be.

Although Ruhl doesn’t want to attack her ex-husband, she felt hurt by his public statements about their separation.

“After we broke up he said if you’re a partner you won’t make a public statement because I don’t want to. And then he made one while I was at work and then me and my [friends] were like we have to do one that looks like that because the less friendly things seem, the more the media will pick things up,” she alleged on Wednesday before revealing that there “have been a lot of lies” that have been told.

She added: “The divorce was delayed due to lack of communication and it’s utterly frustrating that he uses the word ‘limits’. [when he spoke to Us] because that is not necessarily the case. It’s more like not talking to me.


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