Incorporated Healing Workshop: Acupuncture + Group Yoga Session


Description: In these stressful times, giving your body and mind a chance to relax and reset is essential. We have partnered with Taochemy, an amazing acupuncture studio at KC, to deliver an integrative whole body healing experience, rooted in ancient wisdom and validated by science. Acupuncture, Yoga and Breathing: These three practices promote a healthy stress response, proper detoxification, and a state of calm and relaxation – allowing you to power up and welcome the week with ease and fluidity! Tricia, our amazing yoga instructor and health coach, will get your juices flowing with gentle yoga and breathing practice. Next, a Taochemy nurse will guide you through a unique 45-minute acupuncture session that incorporates music frequency and connection, leaving you unzipped and refreshed. * Please wear comfortable clothes, face cover and bring yoga mat to lie down or any accessory to ensure a relaxing experience (pillow / blanket). * This workshop is open to 10 participants. Tickets cost $ 10 for anyone participating in our convenient membership program and $ 20 per ticket for non-members. This Taochemy session will be led by mother / daughter healing duo Stacey and Kylie, owners of Taochemy, an acupuncture practice in Westside and proud founders of Almeda Labs, a full line of complete dietary supplements made locally in Kansas City. You will benefit from this workshop if: – you want to live a calm and relaxed state of mind. – you feel that your body is stressed. support to break a bad habit – your stress level is high. About Taochemy It begins with five-point acupuncture, a process scientifically supported in its ability to help people cope with mental and physical stresses ranging from everyday anxieties to emotional trauma. The five ear points correspond to the major detoxification organs and relate to the various fears, stressors, sorrows, and difficulties that you face every day. By activating and manipulating these points with acupuncture, our professionals are able to help you regain balance. The process brings you to an open, meditative place where it is easier for the body and soul to heal. Taochemy takes a community approach to healing, offering acupuncture sessions in small groups. They found that a shared experience enhances the healing power of their sessions, bringing people together through relaxation and detox. Submitted by: Brad Dyer Premier Integrative Health


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