Jon Hamm: Therapy helped me unpack my trauma |


Jon Hamm worked with a therapist to “unpack” his trauma.

The 51-year-old actor lost his mother to cancer aged ten, and Jon admits he had to work on his mental health before he could really commit to girlfriend Anna Osceola.

The Hollywood star shared, “I’m in a relationship right now and…it’s comfortable, it’s the feeling of caring for someone else and being taken care of.”

Jon feels he needed to go to therapy before he could think about a long-term future with Anna.

During an appearance on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ he explained, “It’s also been a process of working on myself, my mental health, everything that’s going on with my therapist. And unpacking all that trauma and realizing that when you lose someone who is so important to you, like a mother, so soon, that it creates a wound that blocks a lot of that emotional accessibility.

“It blocks a lot of that availability and that vulnerability.”

Jon’s outlook has changed in recent years and he now approaches his love life with a new mentality.

The former “Mad Men” star is even ready to marry and have children with Anna.

He said: “It’s only been a few years since I kind of sat down and really thought about it all, it made the relationship I’m in even more meaningful and opened up the possibility of things. like being married, having kids, defining a new version of happiness, life, well-being… It sounds fake and whatever, but it’s real and it is – for lack of a better word – that’s what I work for.”


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