Julie Ann Otis – Energy Healing & Somatic Training shares in detail how somatic therapy works


Julie Ann Otis is a leading therapist in the field of energy healing and somatic training. In a recent update, the office shared how somatic therapy works.

Medford, Massachusetts – February 18, 2022 – In an article on the website, Julie Ann Otis – Energy Healing & Somatic Training highlighted how somatic therapy in medford works.

While traditional talk therapies can often effectively address many mental and emotional health issues, Medford Somatic Healing can help people quickly resolve deep emotional issues unrevealed by talk therapy simply by paying attention to body communication.

Since past trauma or other psychological issues can potentially harm a person’s autonomic nervous system, people with emotional and psychological issues can also be affected by physical issues. These can include sexual dysfunction, hormonal issues, digestive issues, or tension in specific parts of the body such as the head, neck, shoulders, or stomach.

the body therapist in Medford can help individuals become more aware of these bodily sensations and learn to use therapeutic techniques to release any tension the body is holding. Techniques often used in therapy include breathing and awareness of sensations, physical exercises such as dance or other movement, voice work, massage, and grounding exercises.

About Julie Ann Otis – Energy Healing and Somatic Training

Julie Ann Otis is an intuitive healer and somatic therapist committed to a wellness experience for all. Julie Ann founded Samana Consulting in 2014 to empower people to radically change their reality. She offers individual energy healing and somatic coaching sessions, group workshops and retreats, as well as public healing art. Julie Ann offers embodied and empathetic guidance, combining creative visualization, meditation, neurobiology and somatic feedback practices.

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