Katie Price goes to therapy once a week after car accident to avoid self-destruction


Katie Price has opened up about her anxiety after her eldest son Harvey stole the nest last summer as she sees a therapist every week.

The former glamor model narrowly avoided prison last year after her horrific accident when she pleaded guilty to drunk driving and driving without insurance and prohibited.

The 43-year-old has hinted that it was anxieties around her family life that pushed her to take such a big risk and drive under the influence.

As reported in The mirror, Katie confessed she continues to get more help as she focuses on rebuilding her life after the high-profile crash.

Harvey and Katie Price attend the National Diversity Awards

Fans of the OnlyFans model got a glimpse into her life during her Channel 4 series Mucky Mansion as Katie and her family spoke candidly about her mental health struggles.

Katie’s daughter Princess, 14, said on the show: “I didn’t really like this house at first. It was a dark house. There were so many bad memories in it.

“Before, my mother’s head was in a bad place, but now it’s in a good place, it’s much better. I’m excited. I didn’t think we would come back here, to be honest,” he said. she admitted.

Talk to New! magazine, Katie explained of her accident: “There is no one to blame for me getting in that car but myself. I’m lucky nothing happened, but now there are consequences I have to deal with.

The mother-of-five escaped jail after her drunk driving conviction

“I promised – I’ve never done this before – that I’ll see a therapist once a week. I have to learn to deal with these situations because I don’t want to self-destruct.

Katie received a 16-week suspended sentence, complete with an unpaid work condition, and a two-year driving ban when she was sentenced last December following her guilty plea .

In an upcoming BBC documentary, titled Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next, the topless model hinted that her anxiety over her eldest son Harvey, 19, who has Prader- Willi, of septo-optic dysplasia, autism and a learning disability, leaving home to go to college.

She said: “I’m used to 19 years of having him around me, alive, breathing, smelling, the noise – everything. Then he just left. How do I fill this void? I’m so used to having so many responsibilities.”

She continued in the special documentary due to air tonight: “There’s no one to blame for me getting in that car but myself.

“But if people could see, that night, what was going through my head… I didn’t tell myself not to get in the car. I just thought, ‘I have to go’. So I’m lucky that nothing happened.”

Harvey now attends National Star College in Gloucestershire, a specialist college for young people with learning difficulties.

In her chat with new, Katie explains that Harvey is adjusting to his new life away from her.

Katie Award
Katie Price ran to Harvey’s house as she fled a suspected attack

She said, “He doesn’t feel like I left him, no. He must do these things to excel. It’s a relief for me to know that he’ll come back to me one day, though…Harvey lives like a king with me and I know he’ll always want me.

Katie – who has four other children, 16-year-old son Junior, 14-year-old daughter Princess, eight-year-old son Jett and seven-year-old daughter Bunny – also opened up about her relationship with her eldest child.

She said: “With Harvey, it’s unconditional love. It’s refreshing.

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