Laurence Fishburne opens up about therapy after being abusive to his first wife


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Laurence Fishburne recently spoke candidly about the therapy he underwent after subjecting his first wife to physical abuse.

The Emmy-winning actor opened up about his therapy-induced growth while discussing his role as Ike Turner in 1993 What’s love got to do with it.

Journalist Jemele Hill asked Fishburne about the process of coming into character for the last episode from his podcast, Jemele Hill is indifferent.

“Having had some experience with it as a young man, I did a lot of advice,” Fishburne said of the role of Ike Turner, who abused Tina Turner.

“I found a great African American therapist who helped me deal with my anger issues,” Fishburne continued.

“Because I had been physical with my first wife. I got married when I was twenty-three, my first wife was twenty-one,” he pointed out about his union with Hajna O Moss “And our relationship was very volatile. And I was physically abusive with my first wife, much to my regret and shame.”

The actor explained that his physical abuse in this relationship caused him to “seek help”.

After finding his therapist, Fishburne said he had been in therapy for four to five years.

“So I was very familiar with the territory and the emotional landscape of what, you know, brings a person to that place. Where they feel the need to abuse their partner,” Fishburne said of his approach to the game Ike .

As to whether he’s ever unpacked the root of the anger that made him physically violent, the actor said his healing journey was more about acknowledging his intense feelings and dealing with them before they set in. manifest themselves in violence.

“I haven’t really, specifically worked on the source of my anger,” he explained. “It was really about knowing how to recognize it when it presented itself, what were my triggers and what were the behaviors that I could use to counter it. It would help me to go in another direction.

See an excerpt from the interview below.

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