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The lockdown has been in place for over two months now and several aspects of physical, mental, emotional and psychological health have been discussed in depth on various platforms. But, when it comes to sexual well-being, social media is full of jokes.
Well-known sexual medicine consultant Dr Sanjay Deshpande has practiced in Nagpur for 25 years. In a “containment” interview with TOI, he shared advice for those who are single, married, in a relationship, living away from their partners and those who do not have partners.
Extracts ..
Q. Do people have more sex during the lockdown?
A. Yes, and I think it’s great. Everyone is stressed during the lockdown and there is uncertainty. We don’t know when it will end or if it will be extended again. Many of us work from home and this has its own stress. Many are far from families. Some have dependent children, others have sick elderly people at home. There is physical, mental and social stress. In addition, clouds of financial uncertainty hang over us. Sex can be a cure for all of these stressful situations. This could be the distraction you need in the midst of this unpredictable crisis. It is communication, relaxation and exercise. Sex reduces pain, its anti-hypertensive and anti-stress effect. Sex is a must in locking. However, I observed that the arousal for sex in containment-1 gradually waned until containment-4.
Q. What new issues do your patients share with you, especially after the Covid-19 crisis?
A. To my surprise, I take care of 10 to 12 patients in one session, which is almost like normal. Many couples use this time to deal with sexual problems. Some take advantage of this time to re-explore the pleasure lost in their relationship, which is a positive thing. Certainly, sex life has undergone many changes during the Covid-19 crisis. Cohabiting with a family, dealing with the day-to-day chores of travel bans and travel restrictions, and most importantly, the added stress of coronavirus news affects sex life. Some have too much privacy and are bored, while others have lost their private moments because all family members are at home all the time.
Q. What do you offer to those who live far from their partner?
A. There are a lot of couples who have had to stay away from each other due to travel restrictions. Many in secret relationships who met regularly do not have opportunities. Singles also have sexual desire during the extended free time offered by the lockdown. I tell them that you are the best partner for yourself and that masturbation is the safest and best way to get sexual pleasure during the Covid crisis. It is not possible to maintain a distance from Covid during sexual activity and having sex with an unknown partner is full of risk of infection. Even when having sex with a known partner, both should take special care with their sexual hygiene. Sexual minorities like LGBT people should also take care of hygiene. Covid-19 is not spread through sex, but staying safe is important.
Q. What do you offer to those who go out for work?
A. Pay special attention to hygiene so that they do not carry infection with them. If your partner has a cough, cold, fever, or other symptoms, you should avoid having sex. Ultimately, sex is for fun and shouldn’t be done under pressure.
Q. Several incidents of child abuse were noted during confinement.
A. It is a harsh reality. Parents have the additional responsibility of looking after their children. If your child is ready to share something, you need to listen to them patiently. Awareness is the key in such matters.
Q. Lots of buzz about the likely baby boomer due to the foreclosure. Your opinion ?
A. Many couples do experience better sex lives, especially those who had busy schedules and little time for each other in the pre-Covid era. Many of them can plan to become pregnant during this time. If you and your partner want it, you’re fine. But, I suggest people use contraceptives and avoid unplanned pregnancies during this time. Even married or newly married couples should delay pregnancy in the current situation. Because pregnancy means you have to visit hospitals regularly and the threat of the coronavirus is here to stay for a long time.
Q. What can be the post-Covid situation?
A. I would say after confinement. People may be anxious after the lockdown is relaxed. Many will meet again after a long interval and the chances of having unprotected sex are greater. People should avoid sex with unknown partners. Those who like hookups and nightstands should be more careful. Sexual life will not be as easy as it was before the confinement. A golden tip from me would be to stay inside and only have it with your most trustworthy partner.



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