Lukin Center publishes guide on cognitive behavioral therapy and neuroplasticity


RENO, NEVADA, USA, May 5, 2022 / — The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy helps people in New Jersey and has published a guide to the relationship between Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuroplasticity. Using brain malleability allows CBT to be an effective treatment method for behavior change.

Although genetics can establish a basis for what someone can do, think or experience in the world, it does not determine the structure of the brain. As people grow and learn, the brain can change its structure functionally and physically.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change. The change in structure can be seen in fMRI images, which has helped document the evidence for the relationship between CBT and neuroplasticity. Therefore, with the available literature, CBT is considered an evidence-based therapy that works.

People with social anxiety or depression have been treated with CBT and show promising results. Because mental health issues can sometimes stem from how the brain chemically interacts, the use of neuroplasticity allows CBT to be an effective treatment that targets lasting behavior change.

The goals of CBT are to improve the life of the person being cared for. The main goals are to help a person:

• Work towards goals that matter to them
• Get involved and engage in their daily lives
• Do things they love

CBT involves learning and practicing problem-solving skills that enable people to have changes in thinking and behavior. As the person changes their way of thinking, they may become more confident in themselves and what they can do. This can result in direct behavior change that avoids emotional distress.

Some techniques for changing behaviors through CBT include:

• Play a role
• Learn and practice mindfulness techniques
• Exposure Therapy
• Logging
• Practice coping strategies

Through a short period of therapy and home practice, people notice the change in the way they think and behave. They will see the positive result of targeting neuroplasticity with CBT.

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy helps people in New Jersey and surrounding areas improve their psychological health by changing the way they think and behave. If anyone is interested in how cognitive behavioral therapy works or wants to undergo treatment, they can visit the Lukin Center website.

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