Martin Shkreli’s Ex Christie Smythe Skipped Couples Therapy To Visit ‘Pharma Bro’ Behind Bars


Christie Smythe, the ex-journalist who quit her husband and job for ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli, has confessed she skipped her first marriage counseling session to visit the convicted felon behind bars – as she lambasted the critics of her former flame.

Smith, 39, told the Sunday Times that she and her ex-husband were due to start therapy the day she was able to visit Shkreli at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

The former Bloomberg reporter admitted she arrived 52 minutes into the hour-long session after going to jail to see the infamous inmate while still working for the outlet.

“I didn’t count the minutes – he did,” Smythe told the newspaper. “We went to see a marriage counselor again later and it was a disaster, of course. Nothing was advised.

She said it was “iconic” of her entire relationship, that she ended up being with Shkreli.

Smythe and Shkreli, both 39, met after she was assigned to cover him for Bloomberg News in 2015.

Christie Smythe admitted she arrived 52 minutes late for the hour-long therapy session.
Stephane Yang
Martin Shkreli.
Christie Smythe and Martin Shkreli met after she was assigned to cover him for Bloomberg News in 2015.
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The hedge fund manager became a deeply hated figure for driving up the price of the anti-parasitic drug Daraprim as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals in 2015.

Smythe eventually broke the news of his arrest for securities fraud, for which he was convicted in 2017, but later resigned from his job due to his involvement with him.

The ex-journalist was bludgeoned online after she magazine published a story in 2020 about how she “turned upside down” her life for “one of the most hated men in the world”.

Martin Shkreli.
Christie Smythe broke the news of Martin Shkreli’s arrest for securities fraud.
Craig Ruttle/AP
Christie Smith.
Martin Shkreli dropped Christie Smythe from prison via a statement through his attorney.
Stephane Yang

Shkreli was so angered by the article that he threw Smythe out of jail via a statement given to the magazine through his attorney. However, she told the Post in May that they still talk and are friends.

“I hope to see him and give him a hug. I will always have feelings for him,” she said after his release from federal prison that month. became public, but I was afraid he would get sick in prison and no one would defend him because he was so hated.”

On Sunday, after the Sunday Times article – headlined ‘I left my husband for the most hated man in America’ – went viral, she defended her ex-lover online.

“If you’re saying everyone deserves a second chance and a chance to redeem themselves EXCEPT Martin Shkreli (or except anyone on the internet who has decided to hate at some point), you really don’t mean that,” he said. she fumed on Twitter.

Smythe is currently writing a serialized memoir about the romance on Substack, is the editor of a new media company called The Business of Business, and has said she has a new boyfriend.


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