Mau scored the worst of humans by shocked viewers


Fans of BBC Two’s Couples Therapy have called Mau the world’s worst husband.

Mau and his wife, Annie, have been married for 23 years, but Mau believes they are not sexually compatible.

The couple, originally from Philadelphia in the United States, visited Dr. Orna Guralnik’s clinic to patch up their relationship.

Mau hasn’t been popular with Couples Therapy fans. (iPlayer)

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What’s wrong with Mau from Couples Therapy?

Last night (Monday Jan 24) Annie confessed that she felt her husband was often dismissive of her. He went on to tell Dr. Orna that he was not dismissive.

Manage to be dismissive in the process.

Orna spoke to her clinical adviser from Mau, saying they weren’t going anywhere as he isn’t using anything she or Annie says.

She said, “I feel like I’m facing this resistance armor.” imagine being married to him!

A frustrated Dr. Orna went on to say that Mau was not ready to admit his fault and that Annie accepted his behavior to keep the peace in their marriage.

Dr. Orna on couples therapy
Even Dr Orna was stunned (Credit: iPlayer)

Orna is clearly not a big fan of Mau. Remember, he was the man who claimed to be the easiest person to get along with.

And that all he wants from his marriage is no responsibility, all the sex he wants with no work on his part.

What a keeper.

What are viewers saying about Mau on Couples Therapy?

Dr. Orna isn’t the only one with an apparent dislike of Mau, either. Fans of the show have tweeted how awful he is. One viewer even called him “the worst human ever.”

Others just can’t understand how their marriage has lasted so long.

“How did Annie stay with Mau for so long??? Watching Couples Therapy and he’s such a rude guy,” one furious viewer wrote.

Another said: “Mau from Couples Therapy is the most complete sociopath I’ve ever seen on TV.”

“Mau off Couples Therapy is VILE,” said another.

Another said: “Anyone watching Couples Therapy? Because I have opinions on Mau. Spoiler – none of them are good.

“Mau in couples therapy. yuck. Narcissistic. Triggered,” wrote another.

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Mau’s reputation clearly precedes him too, as one viewer noted that he was already hated in the United States.

“Apparently couples therapy has just been established in the UK?? And so people are rediscovering how Mau is literally the worst human ever.

Couples Therapy is an on-the-fly documentary that follows four couples, including Annie and Mau, who have agreed to have their sessions televised.

Couples Therapy returns to BBC Two on Monday at 10 p.m.


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