Memory Healing Workshop for US Military and Veterans


The Healing of Memories Institute, in conjunction with the Franciscan Renewal Center, will host a Memories Healing Workshop for U.S. Service Members and Veterans October 7-9 that will provide participants with a safe experiential and interactive way to address anger, loss , sorrow. and guilt. Veterans who attended this workshop say it was an important step in their healing from psychological and spiritual wounds.

The workshop will be led by Fr. Michael Lapsley, an Anglican missionary priest who founded the Healing of Memories Institute in South Africa. Prof. Lapsley is well known to veterans and military in Arizona, having run this workshop in the Valley for the past 9 years. (He had a private audience with Pope Francis in 2019 at the Vatican to talk about his peace and reconciliation efforts.)

The workshop is free for any service member or veteran, including all meals and two nights of accommodation. Transportation will be provided for those who need it.

Any service member or veteran interested in the workshop can get more information or register for the workshop for free by contacting Mike Wold, U.S. Navy veteran and workshop coordinator, at 651-687-9767.


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