M’luru: 5-day residential workshop on Psychotherapeutic Techniques organized by St Agnes College


Press release

Mangaluru, June 7: The Postgraduate Department of Psychology and Clinical Psychology at St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru conducted a 5-day residential workshop at Matha Kripa Kaikamba.

The workshop is designed for second-year students pursuing their Masters in Psychology and Clinical Psychology and is led by SMP Staney, CEO and Resource Manager at Atmara, a Chennai-based center that focuses on counselling, psychotherapy and life skills training. The program was started by Sheryl, a second-year psychology student, reciting a prayer invoking the blessings of the Almighty for the workshop.

Sharon, a second year clinical psychology student served as MC for the day and the welcome speech was given by Srikruthika, a second year psychology student.

Following this, Dr V Premanand, HOD, and Associate Professor, Department of Psychology at St Agnes, introduced the resource person, Staney, and also explained what the next few days of the workshop would entail. Following this, Staney continued the day’s session by engaging students in icebreaker activities and officially began the 5-day workshop.

Following this, the day’s session began with the students receiving an orientation on relationship building and an orientation on the different types of evidence that are typically used during therapy.


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