New nonprofit will focus on alternative healing modalities in western Colorado

Montrose, CO, June 23, 2022 – ( – Formed to meet the overwhelming need for education in alternative healing modalities, natural and holistic healers have created the Healing Collective of Western Colorado. The Collective will host the free, open-to-the-public exhibition Renew the Way You Heal – Wellness Expo on September 17, 2022 at the Montrose Recreation Center.

The Healing Collective of Western Colorado was formed because of a recognized need in the Western Slope to educate the public about new ways to heal. Starting with a simple idea in 2021 while our world was still recovering from COVID, the exhibit launched at the Montrose Leisure Center, welcoming over 200 people and introducing them to over 35 different ways to stay healthy and healthy. heal. Thirty free workshops were offered on topics such as Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Sound Healing to introduce new concepts about healing the body, mind and spirit.

Work continues with the Healing Collective of Western Colorado through monthly meetings bringing alternative healers together to support each other in their personal and professional needs and to promote each other’s work in the community. We also offer volunteer opportunities for the community. The organization is actively seeking new healing practitioners, sponsors, volunteers and board members.

“All of us involved in this organization have experienced firsthand the powerful healing effects of alternative practices. We are passionate about educating the community about all of their healing options so we can heal together. Last year’s show demonstrated the need and desire for this type of organization in the region. We’re excited to continue developing it to see where it takes us,” said Erin Easton, executive director of the Healing Collective of Western Colorado.

“The importance and passion when it comes to The Collective is education, networking and how together we can all help more people. People are increasingly curious about alternative care because the scalpel and the pharmaceutical model of medicine are not necessarily a cure They now realize the energy Chi, Lifeforce and Prana play a huge role in being whole and healthy The alternative energy and modalities and frequencies used are endless and the journey to find the one that will harmonize the imbalances is a fascinating and wonderful experience.

“The network is important in facilitating people’s connection to the network of healers and options to find their greatest healing. The power of the network is to continue to educate everyone about the existence of these incredibly powerful tools that have been given to us donated,” said Quantum Connections Fellow and Board Member Leslie Schroer.

“Alternative solutions for whole body health and wellness have been around for thousands of years and are growing by leaps and bounds! The good news? The West Rim is filled with dynamic healers offering something different. to me, the Expo is like a playground. Anyone can jump in and experience amazing healing techniques first hand! There are also other offers and products – like lotions, soaps, makeup.. Who knows what you might discover! The Collective is constantly evolving. For me personally, it’s a space to show up, connect with people, hear a little about what they’re up to, and maybe even learn something. something new. I appreciate the laid back nature of the gatherings. And being there to support the bigger picture which for me is a growing awareness in the region that there are other ways to be with the health of the whole body, added Michele Follis, member of the Healing Collective of YourNotWrong and Access Consciousness.

About the Healing Collective of Western Colorado
The Healing Collective of Western Colorado provides education about alternative healing and wellness options to the local community through exhibits, classes, demonstrations and speaking events.

Media Contact:
Carey Monkou
Western Colorado Healing Collective


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