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A company known as Write a New Story LLC is a new coaching and consulting business founded by MCPC personal development coach Olivia Smith, RN.

Smith is well known in the community for starting Healing Housing, a partner program of Brentwood United Methodist Church.

“I work with clients in business as well as the private sector who want to successfully navigate transitions, whether in work or in their personal lives,” Smith said. “And work with professionals and individuals on a wide range of issues, including building leadership skills, increasing productivity, improving time management, and helping them learn how to build effective teams.

“The result is that they improve the bottom line, decrease stress, restore balance and get their lives back.”

On the counseling side, Smith helps people find peace of mind and regain their confidence as they work through past trauma, relationship difficulties, divorce, medical issues, retirement, career change, grief and loss.

Smith wants individuals to not let past circumstances get in the way of achieving their goals and creates a safe place for those who need a trusted counselor to help them deal with life’s challenges.

“Coaching is about the why and the future,” she said. “My role is to be a sounding board to help people grow in business, leadership development and, let’s face it, we take our problems home to work.”

Smith focuses on clients who set coaching goals. Accountability is essential in coaching.

“I can help a businessman get his life back, help put out fires, and teach him how to stop being a firefighter and become a productive, better leader,” Smith said.

She stresses the importance of asking yourself, where are you going? How can you find your life today and a plan to get where you want to go?

Smith allows his clients to follow their agenda, not his. You tell him where you want to go, and it’s his job to advise you on how to get there.

In therapy, the therapist leads the search in the past to help you through the hardships endured in life.

“We carry so much luggage and it impacts our productivity,” Smith said. “Many live with untreated trauma that has led to addiction, etc.”

Everyone goes through challenges and difficulties in their life. Smith helps you face, manage and move forward with positive life changes. No matter what you’re dealing with, whether it’s divorce, alcoholism, abuse, or confusion, Smith can help.

While talking with a spouse or friend can help, Smith points out that they lack the objectivity to stay neutral.

“I’m certified in Professional Coaching, Trauma Coaching,” Smith said, and I’m a Certified DISC Assessment Facilitator (Personality Profiling Tool). Ready to help.

In addition, she gives a workshop on the prevention of child abuse.

Visit to learn more about the packages offered by Smith and learn more about his coaching and therapy.

E-mail or call 615-388-8877 to contact Smith directly.


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