Oga Obinna should undergo therapy before going out again


Oga Obinna has opened up a bit over the past few weeks and he’s spoken about everything from his dad’s issues to only wanting to date older, dated women. And the irony of everything he’s talked about is the fact that he can’t acknowledge that he’s revealing he needs to go to therapy.

Oga Obinna explains why he would never date women in his twenties

Let’s take a look at some of his statements in the recent past ranging from what he said about his dad to what he said about dating older women and you’ll see why I I’m of the opinion that he really shouldn’t go out with him again until he’s done some serious work on himself.

I wish I had a more loving father and a friend.

Oga Obinna

This statement from Oga Oinna is interesting because it reveals to us that not only does he have daddy issues, but he would likely be the type of man seeking validation from any man he places as a “father figure.” and that’s not necessarily a tight criteria so he would include his uncles, bosses and friends. In other words, he’s the kind of person who does things just to get patted on the head, like a puppy. One can only hope that he only interacts with men who want to get the best out of him because if he finds any selfish role models they will lead him astray and he will run to do what they advise and to his death.

“I would like my father to love me” cries Oga Obinna

If my dad had been there, maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to come out of my shell and probably wouldn’t be me. Or maybe if I had this loving father, I would be a better, better human being. I would be a better father, maybe a better friend.

He is a man drowning in doubt. He’s not sure what a good man is, so he probably doesn’t understand how to be a good father and a good husband either. And yet, Oga Obinna is the father of a whole offspring. This is a very disturbing thing because whatever his intention, there is a reason why the road to hell is said to be paved with good intentions…

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Think of it this way, in Obinna we have a man who still struggles with the idea of ​​masculinity and manliness. He is still struggling with his father’s ghost. However, he has children to raise. Trauma is like a river that you pour sewage into and that shit always flows downstream and who do we have at the end of the river? Their children. Broken men raise broken children into broken adults.

And then there’s his very flawed understanding of the dating market. He’s a guy, it should be noted, who was at one point dating a bishop’s daughter who was a stripper who would perform on social media during the height of the Corona lockdowns. So in a nutshell, he’s a trash judge of character who can’t fault dating heaux.

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Add to that the fact that he shared his views on dating, which amounted to some kind of virtue signaling drivel about only finding older women who are more attractive and willing to date and you’ll understand. quickly why I say he needs therapy:

I don’t want to define someone’s life, when they reflect me…. Ok, that’s what I mean, most girls who end up in their 30s are the boyfriends they dated in their 20s.

He is on some level aware that no woman should model themselves on him because as a man he is not a leader and has no substance to share. He gives the impression that he is doing a greater good for the women he would date, but the truth is that he understands that he is hollow. Beyond his stardom, he has nothing to offer in a relationship. He therefore prefers older women. Or to put it another way, Oga Obinna is a man with another problem: Oedipus complex.

One day Oga Obinna will hate you for reminding him he was wearing a dress

Attachment of the child to the parent of the opposite sex, accompanied by envious and aggressive feelings towards the parent of the same sex. These feelings are largely repressed (i.e. rendered unconscious) because of fear of displeasure or punishment by the same-sex parent.

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To put it into context, Oga Obinna has publicly stated that his father was abusive towards him. Who do you think he ran to for comfort and protection? His mother. While it is normal for men to transfer their initial sexual attraction to their future partners (or the women whose commitment they seek), his was an excessive attachment born out of a desperate need for love, affection and comfort from his mother.

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But I think I’ve reached the very ceiling of the Overton Window so let me calm down. Either way, Obinna needs to see a therapist so he can unpack some of the trauma he’s been dragging over his shoulder from childhood and youth. He must do this to make the best possible version of himself but also for his children and his future partners. After all, it is unnatural for a man to be a rolling stone of which he is to some degree, to have children from multiple baby mamas, none of whom are with him in a committed relationship.

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