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Poet, writer and teacher of creative writing, Triny Finlay is propose a workshop for people struggling with mental health issues, this coming March 6, 2022. Presented by the Frye Festival, in partnership with the New Brunswick Federation of Writers (WFNB) and the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area ( MAGMA), this workshop will be a great opportunity to work closely with an acclaimed local author whose work explores her experiences with mental illness, treatment and stigma.

Triny Finlay’s latest book of poetry, Myself A Paperclip (Goose Lane, 2021), explores the mind and senses of a patient and the world of a psychiatric ward. The book confronts abuse and experiences of debilitating mental illnesses, therapies and hospitalizations, in the form of a long poem.

“According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 50% of Canadians will have suffered from mental illness before the age of 40. I’m one of those 50%, and I’ve found that creative writing has been an instrumental way to express and process my experiences with mental health issues,” says Triny Finlay. “Writing about these experiences can be therapeutic and can also help to enhance a person’s sense of agency, self-esteem, and healing. Sometimes it takes space and time to do this processing, and that’s okay too.

Entitled “Mental Health Matters: Healing Through Poetry,” the workshop will be presented in person at the Moncton Community Peace Center from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Using writing and conversation prompts, Triny Finlay will invite amateur and professional writers who might struggle to put their ideas and torments into writing. “In this workshop, we will use creative writing prompts and exercises, conversation and the workshop format to create and edit poems about our experiences with mental illness, all in a caring, supportive and empathetic environment. “, describes Triny Finlay.

“We’ve talked a lot about mental health over the past few years, largely due to the pandemic, and the arts can be a great tool for people dealing with these issues,” comments Pierre-André, CEO by Acting Frye Festival. Sweet. “It is important for us to be able to provide safe spaces for artists in difficulty, to encourage them to continue to create and to break the cycle of isolation.”

Twelve places are available for this workshop and registration can be done online at www.frye.ca, by email at info@frye.ca, or by phone: (506) 859-4389. Masks will be worn throughout the event and proof of vaccination will be required.

Léonore Bailhache is responsible for communication, marketing and audience development at the FRYE festival.


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