Report released on carpal tunnel home hand massage techniques to reduce pain


According to the company’s latest release, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common conditions affecting the hands, which can be very painful and limit the ability to perform daily tasks. Performing a hand massage soon after suffering from the problem is essential to avoid the need for surgical interventions.

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Hanzzen’s recently published report explains that incorporating myofascial release techniques into massage can help eliminate pain, improve loss of motion, and reduce numbness. These techniques have been recognized as a form of medical therapy and licensed therapists have been using them on patients for over 30 years.

Statistics have shown that although both men and women are susceptible to this condition, women are three times more likely to suffer from carpal tunnel. People under the age of 20 are less likely to be diagnosed because the risk of developing the syndrome increases with age.

According to Hanzzen, people with the condition and seeking relief should gently squeeze the muscles in their shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. These light pressures should be repeated for 30 seconds per area using the palm, thumb and fingers. If comfortable, the individual can then increase the level of pressure by using their joints and massaging each area for a full minute. The guide lists a range of other useful techniques that can also be tried.

Regularly performing hand massages will improve the condition and limit the chances of it returning. The individual can use hand massagers designed to ease carpal tunnel but should opt for those that do not include vibration functions as these can aggravate the condition.

Hanzzen offers a hand massager that customers can purchase directly from the website. It is available in black, pink or white and works to reduce pain and improve mobility. The massager can target the critical 400 acupoints in 30 minutes to speed up the recovery process.

The author of the report said: “If you want a permanent solution for carpal tunnel syndrome, hand massage is the best solution. Moreover, it is cost effective and will soften your tense muscles and ease your pain.

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