Scientists finally discover techniques to control nightmares


GENEVA: Scientists have discovered a technique to control nightmares, while people’s memories of their nightmares lead to miseries.

Scientists have said that some adults have nightmares several times a week and sometimes even daily, and through therapy these dreamers can be trained to repeat positive versions of the nightmares.

Swiss scientists have conducted formal research on nightmares, the results of which were published in the international journal Current Biology on October 27. A single sound paired with a positive daytime experience can reduce such dreams, the researchers said.

Psychologist and lead author of nightmare research, Lampros Pirro Gamros, said the types of emotions experienced in dreams are linked to our emotional development. Research has shown that the number of nightmares can be reduced.

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According to research studies, up to 4% of adults may have nightmares at some point, while chronic nightmares are usually associated with nighttime awakenings and restless sleep. Patients are recommended repeat imaging therapy.

Imagery Rehearsal Therapy takes the negative story that causes nightmares to a positive ending and involves repeating rewritten dream scenarios during the day, which has proven helpful for many people.

The researchers observed 36 patients. About 50% of the subjects received no further treatment while the remaining 18 were asked to make associations between positive versions of nightmares and voices during an imagination exercise.

All 50% of subjects wore a headband called a sleep headband, which significantly reduced nightmares. The researchers say the reduction in nightmares from the new technique is encouraging. After 3 months, people with nightmares had significantly fewer dreams.

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