‘Sister Wives’: Kody admits he needs therapy to reconnect with his sons


On the recent episode of the three-part ‘Sister Wives’ season 16 special, Kody Brown opened up to talk show host Sukanya and admits he needs help reconnecting his sons.

When asked why he didn’t share the ideal father-son relationship, Kody told Sukanya he didn’t feel respected. The irony here is that the only reason his sons don’t like spending time with him is mainly because Kody himself doesn’t know where his priorities lie. He hasn’t given all of his children the same amount of attention and time since he’s been selective all along. It goes without saying that Kody would rather spend all of his time with Robyn and “her” children than with the other three.


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Sukanya and Kody watch clips from previous episodes. That’s when Kody realizes and admits to needing therapy to bond with his sons, from square one. He also admits that he has had a lot of pent-up anger in the past, which has caused him to not communicate openly.

Here’s what fans think of the recent episode of “Sister Wives.” One fan said, “Host is taking Kody to task. LOL #SisterWives,” while another shared, “Kody’s a good dad? #SisterWives.” One fan tweeted, “It bothers me when Kody says ‘Janelle’s kids’ or ‘Christine’s kids’…Shows how much he’s been absent from HIS kids’ lives. #SisterWives,” while another said, “Kody can never take responsibility for anything. It always comes down to the wives who did this, or the kids who did that. They don’t have those feelings either. They. They. They. Can he say the word me without it being a matter of ego? down to his own actions? No #SisterWives.”

One fan shared, “There is no loyalty. There is a refusal to communicate. – Kody Oh kinda like you haven’t communicated the rules to anyone…hmmmm. #sisterwives #sisterwivestlc #thingskodysays ‘, while another said, ‘@realkodybrown says when your kids become adults they leave…unless they’re Robyn’s kids. #SisterWives.’

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