The benefits of yoga therapy on your mental health


Brooke Ibanez and Marion Johnson of Brookhaven Counseling and Wellness believe that self-care, mindfulness, and therapy are important aspects of mental health and building resilience.

Self-care is a buzzword right now, but it’s at the heart of mental health. Self-care will not be the same for everyone, but the key to effective self-care is being able to understand what you need, so that you can then find ways to meet that need for yourself. Mindfulness is another important skill that helps us understand what we need. It simply means choosing to notice what is happening with yourself without judgment. Sometimes things can keep us from understanding what we need, such as trauma from past experiences. When you find yourself in this stage of mindfulness and self-care, seeking therapy can be helpful. Having a professional who can help you sort it out can make all the difference.

Brookhaven specializes in the treatment of trauma. It can present as anxiety, depression, addictions or relationship problems. Therapy can help people identify their needs and educate them on how to take good care of themselves. Through their work, they hope to de-stigmatize mental health care and treat children, teens, adults, couples and families to live better lives.

Ellie Cardullo, Head Yoga Instructor at Brookhaven, joined us for today’s Fitness Friday segment to share the mental health benefits of yoga and the classes offered at Brookhave.

Yoga is a healthy and fun way to take care of yourself, but not all yoga is created equal when it comes to your mental health. Brookhaven Counseling and Wellness offers a safe and effective way to practice yoga that will help you cope with and heal from whatever is going on in your life. There is empirical evidence that regular yoga practice helps us improve our mental health and we know that yoga is an effective tool to help heal psychological trauma. It offers a structured, coherent way to practice mindfulness and is accessible to all bodies, our teachers know how to meet you where you are.

Brookhaven offers yoga classes to all clients, which are included in the therapy.


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