Therapy techniques to help your relationship


No relationship comes without baggage and when there is baggage there will be conflict.

It’s natural. No two individuals have the same thought process and worldview.

As such, learning to manage conflict becomes important, and this is where couples counseling comes in.

Husain Minawala, founder of Beyond Thoughts, said:

“A counselor can help analyze partner behavior patterns and identify those that lead to conflict.

“Counseling helps couples come together to really focus on themselves.”

Couples face various challenges and problems in their relationship. Husain believes that effectively communicating issues with the partner is at the heart of a healthy relationship.

He advised: “Effective communication means better understanding between the couple.

“If there is a lack of communication in the couple, then the counselor will act as a mediator and facilitate healthy and effective communication.

“Through therapy, the couple can begin to improve communication by eliminating habits like constantly interrupting the other or talking too much and not letting the other partner respond.

Couples counseling can help partners address and cope with underlying issues. »

The Gottman method of therapy deals with the impact of negativity in relationships.

Husain said, “Approaching your partner with a positive focus can lead to greater stability and empathy during arguments and other upsetting situations.”

The Gottman Method can be used with partners who are having difficulty at any stage of their relationship, as well as with specific issues such as money, parenting, sex, and infidelity.

It helps couples develop tools to effectively resolve conflict and has been shown to be effective for same-sex relationships, interracial relationships, ethnicity, economic status, or religion.

The narrative therapy method can be helpful for couples who feel like their relationship is failing because of their two flaws.

Husain explained, “The practice of narrative therapy revolves around people describing their problems in narrative form and rewriting their stories.

“By doing this, the couple gains a new perspective on the situation.

“It allows you to explore the past to bring to light negativities that otherwise remain hidden.

“Over time, through the use of narrative therapy, both partners are able to understand each other better and independently of their issues and recognize how the language of their stories shapes their lives and identities.”

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) helps couples seeking to deepen their intimacy and improve the quality of their interactions.

Husain said:

“Distress occurs when the fear of abandonment is triggered.”

“EFT helps couples understand each other’s attachment needs and insecurities, so they can learn to respond to each other in more empathetic and emotionally connected ways.”

One of the key aspects of a good relationship is listening to what your partner is trying to say. Don’t just hear, but listen.

As the old saying goes, “communication is key”. Simple and effective communication can go a long way.

Imago Relationship Therapy views a couple’s problems as the result of unmet childhood needs and unhealed wounds that later become their sensitivities and cause conflict or pain in relationships.

Husain shared, “Imago focuses on the connection between childhood experiences and adult relationships.

“The goal of therapy is to bring awareness to these images so you can identify negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help you understand childhood experiences that impact the way you behave. towards your partner.”


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