Tibetan Sound Healing Workshops will begin July 24


HealTree will present Tibetan Sound Healing: 5 Warrior Seed Syllable Practice, hosted by Reverend Sue Greer, at 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 24, at 1632 Savannah Road, Suite 9, Lewes.

Other sessions will be offered on August 21, September 25 and October 23.

This powerful meditation practice has been passed down from master to student for thousands of years through the teachings of the Tibetan Bon Dzogchen lineage. It can transform and help clear blockages and help practitioners find a stable place of stillness within themselves.

The practice consists of three parts. The first part is a nine-breath technique to open the body’s energy pathways and help release restrictions.

The second part is a seated Tibetan yoga, the practice of Tsa Lung, to further remove energetic blockages from emotions, thoughts and actions. This is done by mixing breath and movement. It is a non-strenuous yoga that has a powerful effect on the body and its energy.

The chant is the third part, which brings to life the five lights of the five warrior syllables of the subtle energy body. As participants chant the sounds of the five syllables, “ah, om, hung, ram, dza”, they feel the lightness and power of sound healing.

In this workshop, participants will experience the practice in three parts with time for silence and reflection. The fee per participant is $25 per session or $80 for all four sessions.

For more information or to register, go to healtree.co or call 302-827-4683 for more information.


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