Vagarights offers art therapy services for PTSD and OCD


“A collective dedicated to improving mental health and combating cognitive decline through art therapy bringing together artists and psychologists to foster collaborative research and the development of new therapies through art.”

NEW YORK, USA – OCTOBER 4, 2022 – Brian Johnson is delighted to announce that Vagarights is now offering art therapy services for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

art therapy is a powerful tool that can improve patient outcomes in several ways. The use of art therapy has proven helpful for people with severe depression and anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, substance abuse disorders and a range of other psychological issues .

Vagarights mission is to promote the use of art in the treatment of mental health and cognitive decline. They aim to promote research on the use of art as a treatment for mental health problems, cognitive decline and behavioral problems and to help health professionals apply this research in a practical and clinical setting.

Specifically, Vaga is a collective of artists, scholars, students, psychologists, counselors and therapists dedicated to exploring how art can be used to combat mental health issues. The organization began as an artist collective designed to help independent artists protect the commercial rights to their work.

The work done by Vaga helps countless people overcome disabilities Mental Health problems. Many find that through the unique transformative power of art therapy, they can take back control of their lives and realize their potential without being held back by conditions such as anxiety, depression, paranoia or substance abuse.

The organization connects artists with mental health experts and psychiatric practitioners, enabling them to create art therapy programs tailored to the specific needs of their patients.

the wanderers enables more collaborative work between psychologists, health professionals, artists and academics. This fosters a rich research environment to explore the relationship between cognition, emotions, and artistic creation.

About the Vaga Team

Their full-time team is made up of artists, academics and psychologists. This allows them to better communicate with all parties involved in their research projects and therapeutic workshops. Below is a brief overview of some of their key people.

Brian Johnson is the current editor of He directed the Vaga editions for several years; he edited before its merger with this site. He oversaw the publication of members’ research articles in respected journals (covering everything from art history to psychology). Brian is a former psychologist, art enthusiast, and avid biohacker.

DW Zaidel is a highly respected academic in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. She has published several peer-reviewed articles on how art affects the brain on a physical and neurochemical level. She is a medical reviewer for Vaga, ensuring their published articles and blogs are up to scientific accuracy. She also oversees the development of their art therapy sessions and ensures that they meet the needs of the specific group of patients in question.

Media Contact
Company Name: VAGA
Contact person: Brian Johnson
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Call: (212) 736-6666
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