We are best friends who started our own sex therapy business


From mind-blowing orgasms to their favorite sex toys, no subject is off limits to longtime friends Holly Robinson and Rachel Anderson.

Friends since adolescence, they have daily hot conversations and share every detail of their love life.

Now they’ve turned their talks into a sex therapy business — helping women who struggle to orgasm and couples who’ve lost their mojo.

Holly, 33, who lives with her partner Oliver Ward, 37, a skydiver, and their daughter Breya, 7, in Colchester, Essex, says: “I talk to Rachel about sex every day and we are closer than sisters. We have never had boundaries around what we share.

“I’ve been known to message her saying, ‘I just tried this new erotic massage and had a random orgasm.

“Or Rachel will text me saying she just discovered a nice new tantric practice and I need to try it.

“We are having the best sex of our lives and it has become our mission to help other women experience pleasure much better than they ever imagined.

“Women shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed when it comes to talking about sex. Openly sharing experiences with a friend gives the other permission to do the same.

Holly Robinson Rachel Anderson
Holly Robinson and Rachel Anderson have always been candid about sex with each other.
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Rachel, 32, who is in a relationship with Dean Bailey, 37, who is an ex-serviceman, said: “When it came to boys and sex, nothing was secret from Holly.

“When I lost my virginity at 15, I confided in Holly and shared all the details.” Holly agrees: “When we were young, we were intrigued by anything to do with sex.

“We talked openly about the type of porn we both liked to watch and the toys we liked. We even compared notes on how we orgasmed through self-pleasure.

“There was a lot of peer pressure. Girls had sex because they thought it was what they should do, even though they weren’t really into it.

Couple after coitus
Holly Robinson and Rachel Anderson say they help couples jump-start their love lives.
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“At school you were either labeled frigid or promiscuous, and we talked about how wrong that was.

“As we got older, we became frustrated with myths surrounding sex – like the misconception that all women can orgasm from penetration alone, which isn’t true. As best friends, we had a rule: we would never have sex with the same guy.

The friends chose similar career paths, with Holly qualifying as a life coach and Rachel as a counsellor. But two years ago, they found their true calling.

Rachel says, “Clients came to me with all sorts of issues, but intimacy came up in almost every conversation. They would say things like “I can’t talk to my partner” or “I can’t remember the last time we had sex”.

And Holly’s clients were similar. “Women would almost laugh at their sex life,” she explains. “They were saying they needed to have sex soon because it had been a month since the last time or things like, ‘We’ve been together 10 years, of course we’re not intimate anymore.’

“When I spoke to Rachel, we realized that was a whole area we should focus on.”

After further training in sex therapy, the women launched their joint venture, The Hormone Hub, and began seeing clients in Holly’s salon.

They now do 20 individual sessions a week and three to four workshops, including tantra sessions, in a rented room. Holly says: “We see women who want to orgasm but it’s not happening and couples who have no sexual chemistry and need help finding the spark.”


Like many new moms, Holly went through an intimacy crisis when Breya was born, but the sex is now better than ever.

She says: “When I became a mum my body was different and having sex was intimidating. I spoke to Rachel and she reassured me that my sex life would get back on track, and it did.

“I used to think I could only have one type of orgasm, but because I learned so much from our work, I mastered all of the types. Oliver knows what turns me on and I always change things up in the bedroom.

couple in bed
Holly Robinson and Rachel Anderson said they were frustrated with myths and misconceptions about sex.
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Holly is also open about sex with her daughter.

“We started talking to Breya about sex when she was 5,” she says.

“She knows sex isn’t just about having babies. I told her that an orgasm is like a fire in her stomach. There should be no shame in discussing the subject.

This story originally appeared on The sun and has been reproduced here with permission.


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