What is sex therapy and the benefits for the couple


Sex therapy is a process of treating migrants caused by sexual problems. It is generally believed that if a person’s sex life is not happy, they have to face a lot of problems. Irritability, lack of self-confidence due to lack of sexual pleasure, in addition to this, the person is not able to attract the eyes of his partner. In this situation, treatment is not required every time, but sometimes this problem is solved only through negotiation. But for this the person has to go to the sex therapist. Let me tell you that no physical relationship (sex or intercourse) of any kind is done in sex therapy.

If you want full information about it, in this article we are going to tell you what sex therapy is, why it is needed, what sex therapists do, and what are the benefits of sex therapy.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a process or strategy for negotiating sexual problems. In which couples or singles meet a sex therapist, sex therapist or doctor to talk about their medical, psychological, personal and interpersonal factors looking for help and information to satisfy their sex life. The goal of sex therapy is to help people overcome their physical and emotional problems to make sex life fulfilling and enjoyable. Statistics show that 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men need sex therapy in their lifetime.

Why do we need sex therapy: –

Everyone needs sex therapy for different reasons. It is believed that people go to sex therapist due to lack of proper information about sex, cooler partner and many other reasons. However, very few people are able to speak openly about their sex life or related issues. Whatever the reason, but sex therapy is often very helpful. Some reasons for sex therapy / couples therapy:

● Inability to orgasm:

This is a problem that most women see a sex therapist or sex therapist for sex therapy. Studies show that not all women get the full pleasure of sex because most women do not reach orgasm, which affects their sex life. While some women also need sex therapy so that they can properly understand how having sex with a husband or partner is more enjoyable. Apart from this, women who have sex for the first time after marriage also go to the sex therapist for information on the correct position.

● Low sexual desire:

In today’s ordinary life, sexual arousal or lack of sexual desire is common. A large number of women, as well as men, also suffer from a decrease in sexual desire. Apart from that, working women who have to take responsibility for work, home, relationships and children, it is these women who need sex therapy the most. Because due to high stress and the body not getting enough rest, there is a lack of energy in the body due to which the desire to have sex is not awakened. For this reason, women turn to the best sex therapists or the best sex therapist in Jaipur.

How Sex Therapy Works: –

Sex therapy is like a kind of psychotherapy. The person finds an appropriate solution with the doctor by sitting down with the sex therapist in the clinic and talking about their experiences, concerns and feelings. In fact, sex therapists are specially trained in various methods of sex therapy. They tell the patient the solution to the sexual problem on the basis of their knowledge.

After talking to you, the sex therapist also talks to your partner. After that, talk to the two together and solve the problems during sex. Additionally, sex therapists give couples appropriate information about relationships and physical positions or other sexual issues. Sometimes certain home remedies are also mentioned. Which sometimes turns out to be very effective. Going to a sex therapist also gives meaning to its shortcomings, which helps to significantly improve sex life.

What happens during sex therapy: –

The client usually meets at the doctor’s office for sex therapy. Some choose to speak privately for sex therapy, and some bring their partner with them during sex therapy. The timing of a sex therapy session usually depends on the client and the type of problem.

It is normal for clients to feel uncomfortable when they see a sex therapist for the first time, many people find it difficult to talk about sex, so it may seem strange to discuss sex therapy with a stranger. However, most sex therapists recognize this and try to put their clients at ease. Often they start with questions about the client’s sexual health and history, sex education, gender beliefs, and the client’s specific sexual concerns.

Benefits of Sex Therapy: –

  • Having problems during sex isn’t always a sign of a sexual problem, so instead of treating yourself directly, you need to find out the right reason for sex therapy first.
  • Going to a sex therapist for sex therapy removes a person’s inhibitions and can openly discuss their sexual issues.
  • Sometimes sex life is also affected due to misunderstanding between couples, so sex therapy is very beneficial.
  • The biggest problem with women is the organism problem. During sex therapy, women are given proper lifestyle counseling, which helps to overcome this problem to a great extent.
  • Often times, having sex in the wrong environment is not enough fun. By telling this case to the sex therapist, you get the right information from there.

Best Sexologist In Jaipur For Sex Therapy: –

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