Why Sex Therapy Can Help British Asians


Sex therapy remains a hot topic among British Asian communities.

While younger generations of British Asians are more open to discussing sex with friends and peers, they are still reluctant to discuss bad or difficult experiences of sexual intimacy in an attempt to resolve issues.

Many Asians with inhibitions or sexual problems are unaware that professional help and support is available.

Sex therapists offer counseling sessions for specific sexual issues and can help overcome physical and / or psychological issues related to sex.

DESIblitz explores how sex therapy works in promoting sexual well-being and why it can be helpful in relationships between Britons and Asians.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is the application of specialized treatment approaches and techniques that address psychological issues that affect sexual function and well-being.

It helps because it addresses people’s fear and reduces anxiety about themselves as sexual humans.

When people start talking about sex, it begins the process of removing shame and increasing intimacy.

The stigma of sex and sex therapy among British Asians

Many British Asians don’t want to talk about sex. The conservative cultural traditions of South Asian society, as well as religion, can prevent many Asians from having an open opinion about sex.

Being raised in a conservative society can leave some Asians embarrassed or ashamed to seek help with sexual problems.

Many may also fear what their friends or family might say if they openly found out that they were in sex therapy.

South Asian culture teaches us that sex should only be used for procreation and that it should be a private matter.

As a result, various factors can affect British Asians seeking sex therapy.

Counseling with a sex therapist can reveal issues of jealousy and feelings of insecurity about a partner’s previous sexual relationships and experiences.

For example, how many partners they have had before, or how much they know about sex, etc.

With arranged marriages still popular among Asians in the UK, the lack of sex education and pre-marriage experience is also a big factor.

Many couples fear that openness to sex could lead to promiscuity and the need to seek fulfillment elsewhere. For example, “If we talk about sex and we both learn about it, he or she can leave me.”

Be open about sexual intimacy

Why is sex therapy not popular with British Asians?

Therapy and counseling are useful methods of encouraging Asians to become more open about sexual intimacy.

Asians are not always open when they talk about their own sexual experiences. They tend to hold back on certain aspects of “Analysis” or evaluation for fear of being judged.

But a good therapist will use their expertise to extract relevant information and build trust between the couple and the therapeutic relationship.

Couples are generally very shy and suspicious. They observe each other to see who will take responsibility for leading the conversations.

While couples may seek help with a sexual problem, communication between them can be a major obstacle. They may find it difficult to be open about what they are feeling and how they are communicating it. Do they listen to each other and hear the opinions of others?

Once this is tackled and improved upon, the subject of sex becomes easier to tackle. It also creates a level playing field and a balance for open discussion.

Common Sex-Related Problems

Why is sex therapy not popular with British Asians?

So what are some common issues British Asians have with sex?

A lack of desire to have sex can be a problem for both men and women. But both sexes can also experience specific sexual problems.

Men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, which means having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

They may also face premature ejaculation or other ejaculation issues.

Women, on the other hand, can have difficulty having an orgasm. In some cases, women may experience pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) or be unable to have penetrative sex.

Vaginismus involves the involuntary tightening of the muscles around the vagina each time penetration is attempted. The reasons may be due to a fear of penetration.

How sex therapy can help

Why is sex therapy not popular with British Asians?

In one case study, an Asian man contacted a sex therapist for work-related stress.

This question was the catalyst for him to access therapy. It later turned out that he was having issues with his relationship and suffered from premature ejaculation and anxiety about sexual performance.

Therapy continued with the couple thereafter. We spoke openly about sex and the problem was shared.

Discussions around sexual myths, male / female sexual arousal circuits, sexual health, intimacy, communication, and understanding the whole of sex as opposed to intercourse were all part of the work of the sessions.

The couple were given a sex program to practice at home and openly comment on their feelings – both positive and negative, and any fear and anxiety they had at the next meeting.

The result of this open discussion was that the couple began to have healthy intimate sex, better communication, and a better understanding of each other’s sexual needs and preferences.

There was a significant reduction in the shame and guilt of being sexual beings and having sexual needs, a reduction in anxiety about sexual performance, and a significant improvement in ejaculation control. point of inevitability ”.

What to do if you and your partner have sexual problems

You should seek professional help from a “psychosexual and relationship therapist” through “Directory of Advice”, “Find Therapy” or the College of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists.

You need to make sure that the therapist is familiar with the culture of Southeast Asia with a wide range of knowledge and experiences.

You can even narrow the search to the area where you live.

Here are some useful websites and organizations to contact regarding sex therapy:

  • Report ~ Sex therapy for couples and individuals
  • Directory of advice ~ a comprehensive UK directory to help you connect with professionals in your area

For couples who are struggling to enjoy a happy sex life, therapy can be very helpful in reducing anxiety and pressure.

Communicating about sex is the key to enjoying sex with your partner, and it’s nothing to worry about.


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