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The Healing Church, founded by Laurence the First Vicar, was the most important institution in Yharnam and, indeed, in all transmitted by bloodis tradition. His doctrine was based on the cult of the Old Blood and its extraordinary properties: an intoxicating substance with healing powers capable of greatly improving the physical qualities of those who were infected with it, the so-called Communion of Blood.

The powers of the Old Blood have drawn pilgrims from all over the world to Yharnam. And the rites of communion permeated the culture of the city in transmitted by blood. As a result, the Healing Church gained widespread support among the townspeople, eventually becoming the governing body of the town. Unfortunately, however, the infusion of blood had an unintended consequence: transformation into ferocious beasts and mindless creatures.


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The Origins of the Healing Church


The Church of Healing grew out of a rib of the Byrgenwerth Academy, a place of study founded by Master Willem. At Byrgenwerth, theology and science collided, with the truths of the cosmos serving as the main focus of research.

In this sense, Rector Willem was not content with speculation, but rather invested heavily in archeology and exploration. Research methods have led Byrgenwerth scholars to delve into ancient labyrinths beneath the old city of Yharnam. The Underground Labyrinths of Pthumeru: An ancient, fallen civilization that developed underground.

While exploring the Pthumerian Labyrinths, the Academy makes its first significant discovery. In fact, it seems that during their expansion, this ancient civilization came into contact with the so-called Great Beings, cosmic deities who guarded absolute truths. Byrgenwerth’s research revealed the cooperative relationship between the Pthumerians and the Great Beings: a symbiotic coexistence that resulted in an exchange. On the one hand, the Pthumerians defended and worshiped the Great. The people of Pthumeru, on the other hand, have been granted Communion of Blood and knowledge of arcane techniques.

This was the first evidence of the extraordinary qualities of the Healing Blood, on which all the doctrine of the Healing Church will be based. Master Willem, meanwhile, has detected a threat. The fluid was of divine origin and possessed great power, but it caused cell mutation in the organism, resulting in the release of the plague of bestiality. Pthumeru’s death was caused by disease. A real pandemic has caused the decline of civilization and forced it to lock itself in the same labyrinths, sheltered from the outside world. Their destiny would have been to stand guard over the sleeping Great Beings, protecting their dramatic secret.

Willem was afraid that the city of Yharnam would disintegrate as a result of Pthumeru’s testimony and death, so he decided to abandon his research into the Old Blood. Laurence, a Byrgenwerth student at the time, disagreed and left the Academy to found the Healing Church, based in the great cathedral of Yharnam.

Willem’s methods were not completely abandoned by the fledgling organization, which continued to explore ancient subterranean labyrinths. Years later, they discovered and apprehended Ebrietas, the Daughter of the Cosmos, a Great Inferior. Ebrietas was imprisoned and transferred under the Great Cathedral in order to harness the powers of the Blood.

The hunter’s workshop

player holding blade in hunter's dream workshop.

While exploring the ancient labyrinths, the scholars of Byrgenwerth and the Church of Healing came face to face with fierce and violent creatures, so much so that a veritable armed wing had to be created to defend them. Additionally, an order was needed to forcibly stem any hint of bestial mutation among citizens subject to the Communion. The Old Abandoned Workshop was then founded by Laurence: a place where men and women were trained who would have shown an innate resistance to the bestial call resulting from infusions. The first of them was Gehrman.

Healing Church Nuns

nuns healing church

The Nuns of the Church of Healing were true saints who were chosen as incubators of Holy Blood because of their purity of soul: subjected to continuous infusions with the aim of cultivating it and making it available to insatiable members. of the Church of the Healing. As stated before, Ancient Blood was highly addictive. This required a steady supply of scholars and healing church members. The fluid infused into the nuns’ bodies allowed for continuous elimination, although in a more dilute and less potent form.

Their existence seems to imply that some people were immune to bestiality and could grow blood in their own bodies without suffering the consequences. This, however, was a very rare feature. In fact, the saints of the Church of Healing were few and far between.

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The choir

It is the largest and most respected organization in the Healing Church. They had the task of communicating with the Great ones of the labyrinths in order to transcend the existential plane of humanity. In fact, they possessed Superior Knowledge (insight) provided by constant contact with Ebrietas, the Daughter of the Cosmos, a deity discovered in ancient labyrinths and brought to Yharnam, in the Great Cathedral. The members of the choir acquired their knowledge through contact with Ebrietas. Above all, the Great Ones have assured the Church and the city of Yharnam of a steady and continuous flow of Healing Blood.

The members of the choir were also hunters and explorers of labyrinths. However, unlike their peers, they were able to wield powers and artifacts derived from the Greats. One of the most important members of the Chorus was Caryll, an ancient Hunter who transcribed the indecipherable sounds of the Great Ones into specific runes that Hunters could use to improve their combat skills and knowledge.

The Night of the Hunt

hunting night

When the plague of beasts took over and the streets of Yharnam were overrun with wild beasts, the Church of Healing banned the Night of the Hunt. During this event, citizens who had not been affected by the disease were forced to barricade themselves in their homes in order to protect themselves.

The alleys of the city have indeed been transformed into a battlefield between sick animals and their hunters, responsible for cleaning the streets of disease by slaughtering everything they encounter. As we all know, the plague has spread out of control in Yharnam, making the nights of hunting increasingly long and exhausting. As a result, a violent and murderous frenzy was unleashed among many blood-drunk citizens, forcing them to participate in the hunt as prey and improvised hunters.

Old Yharnam


However, Hunters were employed long before the Night of the Hunt was instituted. In fact, the ash blood disease has spread throughout the historic center of the city. The causes, which seem unknown, date back to the experiments of the Church of Healing, which the townspeople used to conduct the first experiments on the Old Blood field. It is widely accepted, indeed, that it was the Church itself that made the citizens sick and that when standard medicines proved insufficient, they were given the opportunity to intervene with a massive administration of Healing Blood. .

Although this therapy stopped the epidemic, it turned the entire population into ferocious beasts. Outside of the ancient labyrinths, this was the first time the Hunters had been called. Their expedition, on the other hand, was a flop. The only tragic option was to burn the whole city and seal the entrances. However, the cure was insufficient to stop the plague, which was about to engulf the entire city of Yharnam soon after.

The Healing Church Workshop

healing church workshop

The carnage inflicted by Old Yharnam was not without effort. The belief that an order was needed to control the spread of the beast epidemic found its way better into the Healing Church. The old Gehrman workshop was closed to build a new, more modern and prepared gymnasium: the Healing Church workshop.

Ludwig became the head of the new workshop, a highly skilled clerk who was highly regarded by Laurence himself. This new workshop differed from the others because it used more advanced methods. The new hunters, in fact, were not only skilled fighters but also doctors.

Hunters were divided into three classes: black hunters, whose sole purpose was to rid the streets of Yharnam of beasts; the White Hunters, clerics who used the hunt to study and experiment with Blood healing; and Hunters of Hunters, mighty warriors tasked with fighting hunters corrupted by blood and fallen into bestiality.

The school of Mensis

bloodborne micolash fan cosplay mensis cage

The final offshoot of the Church of Healing is the School of Mensis, which is led by Micolash, a former scholar of Byrgenwerth. The mission of the school was to make contact with other Great Beings in order to access the extraordinary truths of the Cosmos which they held. A ritual was performed using a Third Umbilical Cord: a powerful cosmic relic descended from the Great Beings and capable of evoking them.

Both the performance of the ritual and the school’s research were conducted using unconventional methods. For this reason, the Church of Healing relegated Micolash’s activities to the hidden village of Yahar’gul to keep the methods out of sight of the people of Yharnam and to maintain the consensus of the people.

The consequences of the ritual were disastrous. Micolash and his followers went mad and were imprisoned in the Nightmare of Mergo, the Great Summoned. However, the implications for the city of Yharnam were also dire. Indeed, it seems that the ritual increased the power of the Old Blood, accelerating the transformation of the inhabitants who had practiced the infusion into beasts.

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