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Lisa M. Leonard Tribune Correspondent

When Lisa Nuding was a stay-at-home mom, she found the “mom” part very fulfilling.

The “stay at home” part?

“I didn’t stay home very well,” Nuding said. “I loved taking the kids on little learning adventures, but I also needed to spend time with friends. I loved doing crafty things and thought it would be nice for other moms and their children come together in a warm and comfortable environment and work on group projects.

Nuding’s basement seemed like the perfect place for creative gatherings, and that’s how CREATE began.

“I never imagined where my crafty adventures would take me,” Nuding said.

Over the years, CREATE as a company has changed along with its customers.

“Our focus shifted from scrapbooking to canvases, wood cutouts and panels,” she said.

The one constant, according to Nuding, has always been to provide a clean, stress-free, family-friendly environment where creativity is encouraged.

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“I wanted to let people choose what they work on,” Nuding said, “instead of everyone else doing the same thing.”

In addition to creating something beautiful that attendees can take home and display, Nuding also wants their studio to be a place where everyone feels safe to share whatever comes their way.

For some it’s a relationship problem, for others it’s a health issue.

“Sometimes I feel like a bartender,” Nuding said. “I’ve gotten to know people well while they’re at my house.”

Nuding encourages what she calls art journaling.

“We paint what we feel,” she said. “Some days are dark and heavy, other days are light and easy. Sometimes the words come, sometimes they don’t.”

The concept of a creative outlet allows participants to express their pain, frustration, fear and joy through their works of art.

Nudity is no stranger to pain and frustration.

Her first marriage ended in 2014. Then she found herself dealing with breast cancer.

After her second child graduated from high school, Nuding decided it was time to pack up and move to Fremont.

“My future second husband, Brian, lived here and I felt ready to remarry,” she said. “The house Brian was leaving turned out to be ideal for my son. It gave him the independence he needed.

Nuding’s Create workshop has moved to its new home in Fremont.

“We had my art supplies in the basement, in the bedroom, pretty much everywhere,” she said. “After COVID, it was really nice to be able to have people around me again.”

Finally, the time has come for Nuding to open a studio. She found the perfect space at 1735 E. Military Ave., Suite 1, a few feet from where Brian runs his consulting practice.

The space is both welcoming and functional. Visitors are greeted with bright, cheerful colors and a kind, gentle host.

“When I share with people what I’ve been through,” Nuding said, “I think it makes it easier for others to open up and share their struggles.”

Unlike typical support groups, Create 2.0 allows participants to focus on their artwork while talking.

“I think it makes it much easier for people to share whatever they need to talk about,” Nuding said. “Everyone is working on something.”

The main goal of Create 2.0 is to help people discover their artistic ability. If they want to share something personal, they are free to do so.

Nuding’s goal is to become a certified art therapy practitioner.

“I love being part of a community,” she said. “I want more of this.”

Reservations can be arranged by calling 402-954-5200 or emailing Nuding at


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