Young people talk about getting mental health therapy in Nigeria


Most people who have tried therapy in Nigeria have complained about the major role religion plays in their therapy sessions.

A Twitter user posted online, “I tried the therapy, I wouldn’t recommend it in Nigeria.” and he got some pretty interesting responses.

Most therapists spoke to them about God even though they were irreligious. Even though they were religious, they were guilty of believing that their relationship with God had a role to play in their mental health issues.

Others reported that they had threatened to report them to their parents or law enforcement authorities (for crimes, the therapist must report a crime to the police.)

Some people even report having had sex with their therapists.

This pattern of Nigerian therapists and psychologists is very alarming because getting mental health care in Nigeria is not cheap. Taking so much of your salary or income and not getting the best mental health care is horrible.

This has caused many Nigerians to turn into unhealthy coping mechanisms like drugs, smoking, alcohol and partying and other coping though healthy does not get to the root of their mental illness . Listening to music and exercising are not ways to process your feelings and heal trauma.

Black people have always been skeptical of therapy, rather than opting for religion or more practical ways (like distracting themselves with work) to manage their emotions.

The truth is that therapy works, but it’s not magic! It can take years to unpack your emotions, and you need the help of a licensed and experienced therapist.

You need to be honest with yourself and your therapist and be willing to challenge yourself and do the things that would make your life better.

Ultimately, Nigerians must have access to more ethical professionals who will not resort to religious manipulation.


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